1. The real point of the story seems to be the screen scrapers are grabbing information off RyanAir’s site, and making bookings,but at a higher price.

    So RyanAir is pointing out that people would get a better price by coming direct to their website, and they would rather have people do that.

    Seems fair enough.

  2. Hi Mathew, I would agree, if Ryan Air gave ppl who booked through 3rd party sites a sheet, everytime they checked in, explaining how their fares are set and why they shouldn’t pay exhorbitant luggage fees etc.

    But they are not.

    It’s August, you arrive at the airport with the family to holiday in Europe or Ireland or wherever, with ‘valid’ tickets and you are told, no, you can’t board, they are cancelled, you didn’t buy them through an approved site. You point out that you don’t know what an ‘approved site’ is. Too bad they say.

    Seems fair enough, you say?

    Punishing the consumer to stop 3rd party site sucks. If the ticket is real, and exists in the system and is for an available seat, it’s not the consumers fault (plus they are punished enough by stupidly paying too much).

  3. I agree with Laurel, very little of what Ryanair does has any altruistic tint to it.

    Bear in mind, this is from a company that banned its staff charging mobile phones at work as it was deemed electricity theft


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