eBay makes more money from it’s APIs than it does from onsite auctions. So does SaaS Salesforce. So does Amazon. Apparently RyanAir is choosing not to do that:

Ryanair blocks ‘illegal’ bookings

Ryanair is to cancel thousands of its own customers’ bookings after they were made through internet travel agents whose activities it says are illegal.

The airline is targeting price comparison websites on which you can buy Ryanair flights without having to go directly to the Irish firm’s site.

Ryanair says this is against its terms and conditions, and the technology used slows down its site for other users. (more from BBC)

Here’s a link to the Civial Aviation online community called Airliners.net where you too can join in the discussion.

Suicide, absolute suicide. *waves good bye to RyanAir* If your main reasons for blocking Lastminute.com, Expedia etc is because they slow your site down and their services contravene your terms and conditions, I recommend you invest in speeding your site up and consider changing your T&Cs?

EDIT: my mistake – of course they don’t have APIs. It’s to stop site scraping (what companies do when no APIs are available). So my advice would be, implement APIs and booking tools to distributed sites.

EDIT 2: Here’s the press release – how do you know if you are purchasing from a site scraper or a ‘licenced’ API provider? I guess you don’t so they are asking you to purchase from RyanAir.com only