One of those dumbass things you notice – Blizzard, makers of World of Warcraft does not have RSS turned on their official press release/media site. This means that instead of being able to subscribe to their news in say or igoogle, you have to go to the site and check for new news. None there? Try back again tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow.

I’m always coming across companies not having RSS turned on their press releases – gosh, most of them publish a PDF file, and expect you to open it. But does one expect it from a MMORPG (massively mulitplayer online roleplaying game)? Nah they should wise up.

By the way, one of my RSS groups is “major social networks”. These are the feeds I subscribe to, in that group:

See? Nice and organised.

When one of these guys blogs, we all blog our opinion back. In a way, they are like traditional media. They provide the original source of content that usually creates our discontent. Heh. Google releases a new product and we go mad. YouTube changes rules, we blog it. Facebook puts in recommendation ads? Vilified online with millions of media hits.

These are not like Engadget, or TechCrunch or Techmeme or Mashable blogs that discuss the state of the industy. Mostly they are using them for press releases – to announce news for bloggers to pounce on, and tweet and so on.

What is your industry? What industry blogs do you follow? What company blogs do you follow? Or do you read an aggregator/commenter blog..?

… and I really don’t understand Blizzard not having RSS turned on. Though I guess with 11.5 million players, it’s likely that someone will copy and paste the material into an easily consumed format.