Ritual Weddings in WoW World of Warcraft

Im updating my corporate World of Warcraft course and came across this: I’m not using it, but it’s funny:

This ring is a drop (gift or prize) from a Fishing quest. Here’s the discussion about the ring on Thottbot:

on moonglade they sell it for 90 bid and 160 buyout i buy it cuz i ganna ask a girl in rl with this ring ^.^ (burninger)

couple things wrong with proposing with this ring…
1) it’s a wedding band –not an engagement ring. If you want to “propose” http://thottbot.com/i7340 might be a better choice
2) proposing with this ring without something in real life to back it up says all kinds of things about how committed you are…
…in any case good luck with it and you might want to consider keeping in game items for in game events and use real items for your real life. (yanakilla)

Aw, that is so cute. ^.^ My husband proposed to me with WOW. We took our chars to SW library and he had his char kneel before mine. He then brought out a real engagement ring and ask me to marry him (we were sitting in the same room in real life). ^.^ We want our chars to have the wedding bands but we have yet to find them. I would pay 100g for one. ^.^ (lilycat)

I purchased one for 50g which I think was underpriced and gave it to my husband on his rogue. =)
Just a few days ago, we had our 4th anniversary. (lilycat – 22 positive votes)

If you’re on a RolePlaying server, dont vendor it! Wait ’till you get one more and then sell them in the /trade channel! RolePlayers who are getting married would probably die for these little bastards! (Mistsaber)

Made me laugh, especially the “couple things wrong with proposing with this ring…”

(From Thottbot)

Made me cry tears of happiness. Heh.

I just got one on Feathermoon server. ^.^

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  1. haha thats fucking pathetic, worse that you were sitting in the same room.

    *here darling….clicks trade….waits for accept*

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