1. Ah, I didn’t think of the infrastructure layer — even though it is crucial. Being MBA buzzword trained, though, I’d probably call it ‘resources and governance procedures’ or something like that 🙂

    The plans-for-expansion bit is particularly important for social networking sites, isn’t it? I think it would help if companies would announce a broad (so they don’t give away too much) and tentative (so they don’t force themselves into a corner) list of features that they’re going to add in the future. Sort of like Google does with its Google Labs. That way you get an idea of what they’re working on and what direction they’re probably going to take in the future.

    Do you teach this kind of stuff in the Masters of Convergent Media?

  2. *laughs* anonymous is the reason I put pictures in my blog 😛

    @ameel not sure, we are still writing bits. I hope so. I really want to go through different business models.

    Did you know Ducati opened up their labs (development, R&D) to ‘fans’? Ducati enthusiasts are prosumers and co-create products. You can’t do that behind a digital walled garden 🙂

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