From Bizreport by Kristina Knight:

Reuters Partnering With Pluck
In a first-of-its-kind move, news syndication company Reuters will begin syndicating blogs. The partnership will join the news service with social media firm Pluck; along with the partnership, Reuters reportedly will invest in the firm.

The partnership with Pluck, which runs BlogBurst syndiators, will give advertisers more variety, according to Reuters. “Pluck represents the next evolution in finding interesting information sources for our clients,” said Reuters President Chris Ahearn (via MediaPost). “The mainstream media can embrace the fact that a variety of blogs out there have compelling information that people can read.”Here are the ingredients of the partnership:
*Reuters will invest $7 million in Pluck
*BlogBurst includes around 2,800 partner blogs. Their topics range from philosophy to style to travel to politics.
*Authors are paid by BlogBurst when the blogs become syndicated.
*The Washington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, and the Austin American-Statesman also partner with Pluck.

In a “first-of-its-kind”? Not exactly. Didn’t Technorati and Assoc Press do it a while ago? Ah yes, here tis… and another of AP with Google. Traditional media are on their knees. Why aren’t they picking up more bloggers, why leave it to the feeders like Reuters and AP? Oh, ok, NewsCorp are chasing bloggers pretty agressively but do they know what they chase?

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