1. McClelland’s need theory also applies well here.

    * Need for Power
    * Need for Affiliation
    * Need for Achievement

    Identity in these environments directly reflect legitimate and referent power in these environments and allows individuals to easily assess social groups and whether or not they identify with those individuals inside them.

    M 🙂

  2. Aye, McLelland does good work in industral HR stuff. Only, I think the more basic needs of sustainability of identity and freedom from aggro that Maslow talks about are appropriate for social networks.

    Does McLelland address workers safety? Cos certainly, freedom from fear of being killed at work because of unsafe practices must be met first, before attempting to empower employees through achievement etc. I think McLelland stays at the top end of the hierarchy of needs?

    A lot of day to day crap on social networks has to do with stopping abuse and misbehaviour. Only a small part is empowering indiduals to be Leaders and Elders etc… Unfortunately 🙁

    Great point btw 🙂

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