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Don’t want to open up discussions in the Enterprise? Oh ok, they’ll have them in public. Your staff are members of social networks too….

Stopped by a glass ceiling? Well, don’t worry, the Glass Door will fix that…
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I blogged about eBoss a while ago but can’t find it – RateYourBoss style site.
I had a dickens of a job getting an exit interview with Cisco when I left them – I ended up writing a long long resignation letter that detailed where their strategy in Asia was wrong. *laughs* and 3 bosses in 9 months didn’t help.
I double dare – no triple dare – anyone at AMP (I know a bunch of employees there) to be the first to review the company. G’on! It can be positive you know… 4/5 of reviews online ARE positive, or so the research shows.

AMP salary and employer reviews by employees.

Nothing there atm 🙁

EDIT: remember that wellknown Sydney company that raped and pillaged the Web 2.0 community here? Part of my blog post:

Raping the Web 2.0 Australian Community

*warning potential linkbait post coming up. Heh.

I’m noticing a disturbing trend of large well known companies who invite passionate Web 2.0 evangelists, or knowledgeable bloggers or bumbling social network strategists (me) to “meetings” to discuss “potential” working arrangements.

These companies then proceed to question, prod, probe and otherwise force themselves on the (usually) solo operator or small business, all the while taking notes. One manager told me he had spoken to around “200” web 2.0 people (OMG!), and developed pages and pages of notes for strategies. No paid-for business ever comes of it (nor was ever going to) but they got a lot of information for free. Where’s our industry organisation to protect us, hmmm?

We could get some serious revenge, but is it worth the trouble…? We’ll see how these review sites take off, I guess.

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