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Meet Yourself in the Metaverse – 3D Facial Capture Avatars

Meta PiCA and Lumirithmic – 2 systems to create real life representation of yourself as an Avatar in the Metaverse

THE REAL YOU AVATAR Want to see yourself in the Metaverse? A real representation of your face and body? No? Nevermind it’s here – Meta PiCA and Lumirithmic use iphones and whatnot to create your avatar. Enjoy!

Video lecture on real life avatars, PiCA Meta and Lumirithmic

Transcript of Real Life Avatars in the Metaverse Lecture with Timestamps

Hello, my name is Laurel Papworth and today I want to talk about avatars in the Metaverse in web3. The World Economic Forum has a special topic you can follow called the Metaverse. And one of the topics on there was about creating a 3D representation of your face and putting it into virtual space. I thought it was kind of interesting. [00:00:00.160]

Lumirythmic, I think, is the name. It’s a UK startup, has seven phones and I think four lights set up in the round to take and scan images of your face so that they can go into a 3D reality, 3D virtual reality. Once they’ve scanned you and then stitched the images together, I guess, like a panoramic or 360 view. [00:00:27.110]

And Meta has their own pixel codec avatars and in this case they only use one phone to take multiple images. The images are of the face and then pulling faces and then the whole thing has to be rendered when I spoke to the UK Facebook, sorry, Meta person about this when they were presenting it, she said it’s currently a very long process and a very expensive process, but they’re expecting to get the rendering time down and then they’r expecting to bring the price down. So that’s another option for avatars represent you and that will run in VR and AR. [00:00:51.100]

Yes. There you are in the Metaverse, looking just like your sweet self. I’ll put some links through to the CNN article and the World Economic Forum and the looming rhythmic website in my resources area. How do you feel about that? For me, I’m sort of used to my avatars not looking like me. In fact, looking very much not like me and I’m wondering if people do want to look like themselves and also what happens when we meet that restriction again which is mandatory, that this does look like you and you have to upload your driver’s licence to prove that your avatar looks identical to you. Will we see those kinds of restrictions coming through in an avatar based virtual reality? [00:01:37.010]

I mean, I was always cross that Facebook did it, but maybe it will happen in Workspace or Horizons World for Enterprise, I don’t know maybe people don’t want to sit at the table or with a Bored Ape or SpongeBob Squarepants, I don’t know. We’ll see. [00:02:18.220]

Anyway, have a look at Lumirithmic. And have a think about whether you want to see yourself running around in a virtual world. Thank you, I’ll see you in the next video. [00:02:35.290]

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