Follow up to my bloglet rants on (example from last year) – Glenn Roberts Jr. of Inman News (where Real Estate and Technology Connect) says:

Editor’s note: Real estate agents are learning that online community sites can be useful in reaching their target audience. Agents can use community Web sites to raise awareness about their services and drum up local business, while consumers can use the sites to rate, review, recommend and reach agents in their desired locations. This three-part series uncovers how a few savvy agents are using these sites and building their own.

I’m not sure about swarming prospects around realestate ads. I think a MyLocal with a real estate focus would be better. Before sales and after sales care so to speak – what day is trash day, what roads/parking changes are being made, what buildings are being developed, and so on. I liked when I lived in the UK. Have a look at the page for Henley-On-Thames. But I had a better site. It had crime rates. Heh. I’ll find it and come back and update this bloglet. Soon.

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