Following on from eBossWatch – because nobody should have to work with a jerk – here’s the Indian version (hat tip Aloo Techie): to provide insider’s information about employers

Pune-based entrepreneurs Swapnil Takalkar and Ravi N have launched, an online employer reviews portal that aims to provide user written insider’s information about various employers. JobGypsy also has user forums where people can discuss issues related with their organizations.

Swapnil Takalkar, co-founder,, has said, “Many times, job seekers do not really know about their prospective employer and decisions are taken without knowing about it properly. provides a window to peep into the organization with the help of people who wrote reviews on the site about their employers.” According to Takalkar, the reviews are totally anonymous, thus providing a safeguard to the review authors.

Swapnil and Ravi, who developed as a pastime, now wish to give their complete dedication to the site. The venture is currently self-funded. But now the co-founders are looking for funds to scale up the marketing efforts as well as add new features to the site.

Totally different than what I have seen in the past.

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