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I’m running amok in Adelaide this week. The City of Churches (and strange serial murders involving decapitation, fridges and lawyers/judges) is battening down it’s hatches. Anyway, while I’m here, Radio National is airing a show I appeared on, Recommendation and Profile Advertising:

Future Tense 12 February 2009

Our recommendation…

The power of recommendation drives the viral marketing campaigns that advertisers are increasingly pursuing, and it underpins the very success of social networking sites like Facebook and even Twitter, the micro-blogging site that’s currently the online flavour of the day.

Here’s a panel discussion on recommendation featuring Richard Giles, CEO of a company called Recommendation Ventures; social network strategist Laurel Papworth, and Rebecca Huntley, director of research for Ipsos Mackay.

The transcript of this program will be available by midday on the day following broadcast.

GuestsRichard Giles
CEO, Recommendation Ventures

Rebecca Huntley
Director of Research, Ipsos Mackay

Laurel Papworth
Social network strategist.

You can probably download the podcast later if you missed it.Ā  And it’s @RichardGiles for Richard. I don’t think Rebecca is on Twitter. And me of course @SilkCharm šŸ˜›

By the way, Adelaide people on Twitter are:

@isaakkwok also @tarale @nikc @theBogan @fang @dnwallace @kerryank @jase88 @aqualung @aussieninja

Back to running amok…