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Those Technorati tags at the bottom of each of my bloglets are handcoded. Yep, that’s right, I have to go to the Edit Html code view and put the tags in myself. So I’ve been looking for an applet, a script, a bit of code that allows me to get back to creating content, and not worrying about closing tags. Along the way I saw Qumana. Qumana is a desktop blogging tool. For those of you who read blogs and don’t write them, most blog tools are hosted remotely. Qumana appears to be a local PC resident program that allows you to create your bloglet locally and then upload to a server. Kinda like creating emails and then connecting to the ‘net to send them. I personally live in an internet-always-on world (threw out my 28k modem years ago) so that feature doesn’t interest me. Except when Blogger is running as slow as molasses. Like now.

Strange note on Qumana. It’s been picked up as a Lycos product. Remember them?

Anywho, one feature Qumana does apparently have is the ability to create the technorati tags through a button. We like buttons. So much easier than coding. However, like Jonathan Peterson over at Way.Nu (everything old is nu again), I can’t face changing blogging tools.

Hadn’t see this blog editing client until yesterday –Jeneane is using it. It seems pretty nice and deals with inserting local images must better than most. It also has hooks for inserting keyword blogads and technorati tags, which is nice.
I’m still using the Firefox extention from Performancing pretty happily. But I don’t upload graphics with enough regularity to mess with changing to something new.

Blogger/Blogspot/Google more or less do the job for me, and one thing with a Google product, they seem to catch on to what Joe Public wants and supplies it pretty darn quick.

So Google, a tagging button please. Thank you. Oh and stop wiping out half my text when I get a tag wrong and move between code view and compose view. Thank you again. Yes I know I should go to the Google community forums and make suggestion there, but I can’t be bothered – I tagged it, they’ll find it.

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