Automating social media – but what about spam management? Manage your Direct Messages (DM) in Twitter and Facebook Inbox.

I’ve been a user of SocialOomph the social media automation service from the days when it was called Tweetlater. I don’t automate much in my social media sphere, but my clients do, so I stay across most of the tools. I found this piece in their upgrade information:

Manage The Direct Messages Of All Your Accounts On One Page And Automatically Filter Out SPAM

Automatically filter out SPAM by choosing one of several settings. When you mark something as SPAM, you can tell the system to: 

  • Just delete the DM (select this option if you’ve taken a dose of happy gas),
  • Delete the DM and also automatically delete any future DMs from the person (the happy gas has worn off a little),
  • Delete the DM and unfollow the person (that will teach them a lesson),
  • Delete the DM, unfollow the person, and also block the person (while wearing your best satisfied and evil grin).

Besides having a laugh I wondered – how many of you actually ban spammers? Hit the “remove, unfollow AND report” buttons? There are similar on Twitter, Facebook etc. Do you only do it for strangers that spam you?

How do you handle truly social spam – friends spamming baby photos (ewww! it moved! :P) and drunken ramblings? ARE YOU SPAMMING PEOPLE? After all, spam is just stuff that we didn’t find relevant. The minute it’s relevant it’s information – or good Advertising!  Please don’t spam in my comments. 😛