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This bloglet is in response to the hundreds of people who emailed me about my presentation The Business of Online Communities at WebDirections (UTS) last week. OK. OK! I GIVE up! Never AGAIN! *whimpers* ENOUGH ALREADY! Sheesh!

To the three people who emailed me NICELY and mentioned that they had fallen asleep during it all, here’s those bottom-line liveworld statistics:

  • Loyalty ROI: Online community participants visit a site 9x more often and stay 5x as long (Source: McKinsey)
  • Brand ROI: 4x un-aided brand recall vs a search engine (Source: NFO)
  • Acquisition ROI: Attract customers at $0-10 vs. $10-$400 per customer acquisition in traditional marketing venues
  • Support ROI: Community support services are 5x-10x more cost effective than phone support

… and good luck!
BTW I’m having the most fun EVER tagging everyone at connections.webdirections.com. Seriously. Andy is naughty smoker and Cheryl is silly goose and so on and so forth. Nuffin’ on telly, let’s go call each other doofus names. Heh. More to come post-conference in the next few days. I’m still processing everything I heard, saw and learnt.

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  1. I really hate reading my old blog posts. Was I that much of a doofus? 😛

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