1. I agree with you about backing your staff on social media… but I find it a little odd that Qantas went there after the Red Faces blackface controversy a few years back. Australia does not have the cultural history of the US so blackface is not historically offensive in Australia but in today’s globalised world, we should know better.

    1. I’m not sure we should bow down to others’ cultural issues – was the wig/black face supposed to be anti Fijian? If the whole stadium wore “we love Radike” and wigs would it be a sign of racism or love? If he had red hair and a big nose, would red wigs/noses be a sign of love or hate?

      I think communities need to look very closely at their value systems before slamming someone for an homage.
      I also think cartoons which take a feature such as afro hair or a big nose and play it up for satire dance the fine line between humour and offense. Such tricky things, relationships. 😛

  2. I agree with your assessment re staffing challenges / social media analysis, but you’re dead wrong about blackface.

    It isn’t actually about Radike’s feelings, or Fijian culture, or staff values, or Aussie humour or political correctness.

    Blackface has a long history deeply rooted in racism. It causes offence to MILLIONS of people, black and white. It is never ok for white people to do blackface. It isn’t satire, nor is it cheeky or harmless.

    It doesn’t matter if the white people doing it “don’t mean offence.” Every single time this happens, the community respond and call out racism. This incident isn’t a one off, so maybe it is time to realise the community IS right in this case. Hey Hey it’s saturday, Vogue, now Qantas.

    It doesn’t hurt white people to NOT do blackface. It does hurt black people to do it. Pretty simple equation if you ask me. Just don’t do it.

    I started to gather links, but then remembered it’s every individual’s responsibility to educate themselves. Go research blackface, racism, white privilege, cultural appropriation and Racism 101 to get you started.

    1. How is it offensive to do “blackface” to Fijians? If it comes from Love not Hate, should history be set aside? If the Fijian player doesn’t find it offensive, should we still ban it in case another race find it offensive? Why is ok to dress up in big boobs and blonde wigs at footy parties but not afro wigs? As a blonde with… nvm, it’s offensive ok?

      Let’s put it another way – should fans only dress up in red wigs and big noses and support only non black, non Afro players? Would that be counter-racism or is it racism by exemption?

      Or maybe we shouldn’t dress up as fans of any football player, celebrity or popstar at all, ever?
      Just wondering out loud.

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