This article is from Admanager in the Nederlands.

Young people blog their way to a publishing revolution

The extent of the personal publishing revolution has been revealed by a Guardian/ICM poll showing that a third of all young people online have launched their own blog or website. Millions of young people who have grown up with the internet and mobile phones are no longer content with the one-way traffic of traditional media and are publishing and aggregating their own content, according to the exclusive survey of those aged between 14 and 21.

A generation has grown up using the internet as its primary means of communication, thanks to an early grasp of online communities and messaging services as well as simple technology allowing web users to launch a personal weblog, or blog, without any specialist technical knowledge. On average, people between 14 and 21 spend almost eight hours a week online, but it is far from a solitary activity. There are signs of a significant generation gap, and rather than using the internet as their parents do – as an information source, to shop or to read newspapers online – most young people are using it to communicate with one another.

I disagree with this statement:

About half of that time is spent chatting to friends in online communities or using messaging services, while another hour is spent emailing. The internet may be a window into their personal realm, but it is not a window on the world for young people: only one in 10 say they use it to keep up with news and current affairs.

Six in 10 said they “like to keep up with the news”, rising to more than seven in 10 among 20 and 21-year-olds. Contrary to the prevailing wisdom that young people are turning to the internet for news, television and newspapers remain by far the most popular means of accessing information.

cos Generation Y are very switched on and focussed about global issues and are eco-warriors… but how and when and what they want to be, not necessarily like their parents who are addicted to the 6 o’clock news. Its just that the right internet enabled delivery device hasn’t been presented to them yet. And no its not blogs (in the current form) as content provision and its not a TIVO type receiving device. But stay tuned, the minute I see it,, I’ll know it and I’ll tell you all about it right here.