I’ll be reviewing this topic from time to time. There’s just too much to go through in one sitting and both blog-readers and blog-writers have the attention span of a gnat. Yes you! Oi! This article was targeted at ‘child stars’ in the entertainment industry and the problems they face with privacy both in real life and online.

Protecting Your Child Young performers face a new set of dangers in the age of the Internet. (October 18, 2005) But the problems didn’t end there for Boyd. A friend of Jenna’s began impersonating her online through a MySpace account profile. By using information she had gleaned from frequent contact with Jenna, the “friend” fooled many into believing she was the child actor. After that, other school friends posted comments on Jenna’s fake profile, and the name of Jenna’s school was listed. (Many kids write their school’s name on their profiles or blogs on online communities MySpace or Xanga without thinking twice.)

It’s not solely applicable to child stars having their privacy invaded, communities are used as hunting grounds by sexual predators. The Australian Government is behind NetAlert.net:

Providing practical advice on Internet safety, parental control and Internet filters for the protection of children, students and families.
Whether you are wishing to learn about the potential dangers for children online or are looking for a solution to a problem already encountered, NetAlert can assist.
Helping children and families enjoy all the benefits of the Internet in a safe and rewarding way.

To be continued… I’m sure. In the meantime read Government on the Highway to stop Net paedophiles. And grrr. Again. NetAlert doesn’t offer an online community with a discussion mechanism. Sure you can ring a 1800 number or email in, but no forums for parents and concerned adults to help and support each other.