1. Thanks Yuri! I’m always soooo grateful when someone leaves a comment. Your feedback inspired me to look on the ‘net for porn communities – after all that was what the net was invented for. If you don’t believe me, look for the World of Warcraft mashup, The Internet is For Porn. It’s actually Horde meets Sound of Music. Bliss!

    I have to admit I didn’t actually go to the sites you were kind enough to link to. So perhaps you can tellus, do they have an online community? Most have a members area. Do you find your online fraternising satisfying? Do they have buddy lists? trading? forums?

    Penthouse.com has a Members Enter Here – so useful to give the guys directions, doncha think? – but I love the Literotica.com model. They have sort of wiki’d stories – everyone writes an erotic chapter. there are personals and user generated content of naughty tales and fotos/vids and competitions and lots of in real life sales of stuff like books and things that need batteries. Integrating offline and online is sooo important. Anyway, thanks for your comment and call again! 🙂


    The next person who spams my blog will be hunted down and castrated. Then see how useful your ads for free porn are! and no, I wont delete comments unless they break the law or something.

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