1. How does that explain the continued presence of mobile phone scams being advertised on Facebook?

  2. Bingo! you just proved my case. *jumps up and down excitedly*

    I’ve never heard of the mobile phone scams on Facebook. We don’t know each other in real life (do we?).

    yet here is a perfect stranger (you are perfect, you are on Twitter :P) telling me about a scam I don’t know about, within minutes of me mentioning something about fraud and facebook.

    I’m not saying that scams will go away – there may even be more of them to choose from – nor that some people (particular demographics) won’t be as susceptible to them (though the demographic tends not to be on facebook at the moment).

    Just that a stranger will step in, warn another stranger, who will pass it on to 10 others, who will pass it on to 1,000 others. Not next week, not tomorrow. All within the blink of an eye…

    1. well I knew. 😛 Not sure what part of scammy games on Facebook aren’t understood by the masses, but most people figure it out quick. I include RockYou and Slide in that estimation.

      Ask around what people think, look at the discussions on SuperRewards and other social networking programs – the social network doesn’t necessarily walk up and tap you on the shoulder, but a quick tweet or google search offers up most warnings and caveats instantaneously, no?

      1. Therein lies the scammer’s power. People want to believe stuff that’s too good to be true, they want to believe they won’t be scammed. Thus the idea that one needs to ask if it’s a scam won’t happen to most people until it’s clear too late. Thus, the scammers will always win.

        I note you play Warcraft. No matter how much Blizzard (to the uneducated, they’re Warcraft’s authors and publishers) or the Warcraft community discuss scamming, it still goes on. In massive amounts. Profits that make small third world countries cry and some first world country universities very happy. Because there’s always fresh meat with more money than sense who think they know better than those that came before them. That’s base human nature. And that’s where organised crime will always profit the most, at the most basic of human desires and wants. I’d humbly submit that the feeding frenzy on Zynga’s outing is precisely because people won’t figure out the scams quick enough. They don’t want to believe that there’s a nasty person out there.

        I just think the future’s a far more muddier than the hope that people will pass on info about scams. Only takes a couple of big false positives for that kind of trust relationship to collapse. And FP’s aren’t that hard to inject into a social network, either. ‘Keep ’em weak and confused!’

        (Footnote: Take a look at what’s going on with WoW trying to get started again in China. Very very interesting stuff, it has resonances across to Hu and Rio Tinto 😉

        Anyways, on the subject of nasty conspiracies and ripoffs, I’m off to 2012 now. Thanks for letting me have a rant. Toodles!

  3. I used to believe that keeping my identity off the web as much as possible was the safer recourse. Now, I believe just the opposite. I want to be the one in control of what appears to be my profile on every popular social media and online community instead of letting someone else create and maintain any profile that people will mistake for me. I ran across another blogger who just recently ( see http://www.dynamicalsoftware.com/profile/leveling ) gave some more good reasons for building online profiles that authentically match your real world identity.

  4. One reason why social networking sites are gaining popularity is because users get to hide their flaws and enhance their best features when making friends. There is not much harm in that because you are not totally lying about who you are. But there are those who take it up a notch and resort to more drastic measures that they take another identity altogether which is wrong. Stealing one’s identity was mainly prevalent with the use of private documents and mail but this evil deed is now being done through the Internet as well. As you can shred copies of your private records, you cannot simply do that once you have uploaded your personal data on the web so be careful.

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