Laurel & Caronne
Originally uploaded by laRuth

I had no clue this photo was taken. And yet I’m pretty sure that Margarita was my first one of the night. Totally focussed on looking at pr0n errr pictures on Caronne’s phone.

You know, I watch what I say and put online, not really wanting the great-grand kiddies coming across a photo of me one day running around topless with my underpants on my head.

But it’s all around us now. My attempt to control Brand of One, or Brand of Us is wheeee, out the window. Anyone, at any time, can blog, twitter, video stream, foto stream, podcast, or Facebook my uncompelling life, in context or out of context. And I don’t remember signing a press waiver or approval Ruthie šŸ˜›

Using the “Blog this Photo” option in Flickr. Let’s see if it works, hmmm?

EDIT: Yay Flickr-to-blog worked! Oh, and in some attempt to get back control of my personal brand, can I ask each and everyone one of you (on the internet) NOT to upload a photo of me again… before I’ve had a chance to get my hair done? Dark roots are so ’80’s and Madonna.