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Media giant Tribune Co., saddled with billions in debt since it became a privately held company last year, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a Delaware court this afternoon, becoming the first major newspaper or chain to declare bankruptcy in modern history. (Washington Post)


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Total print and online newspaper advertising revenues plummeted to $8.92 billion in Q3 2008, an 18% drop of nearly $2 billion from Q3 2007, and a 6.9% drop from Q2 2008, according to figures released by the Newspaper Association of America. (MarketingCharts)


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Oh, and I’m back from holidays. By the way, when did David Kirk, CEO of Fairfax resign? o.O when I was riding camels in Broome? He had a tough job, I didn’t envy him at all. Fairfax has a corporate culture oblivious to change or die. Yeah yeah he sacked a bunch of staff. But tell me you wouldn’t do the same, in the same position?