From time to time I am asked to give a view on social media, social networks and online communities by Traditional Media. As part of my ongoing commitment to education and awareness raising on privacy, identity and protecting our content, I usually comply unless the journalist is clearly taking an antagonistic and negative view with no balance.  It’s rare, but it does happen.

My showreel includes interviews on TV and Radio:

Contact details are email: laurel (at) laurelpapworth.com or mobile:  0432 684992

Heritage & Online Media quotes, newspaper/magazine articles, TV and radio:

  • Australian Financial Review Shock Jocks and Blogs October 2012
  • FOX MMM Fed Up With Facebook? October 3
  • SMH and The Age Social Media Courses MyCareer September 30th
  • Sunrise (weekend): Facebook Stalkers August 2012
  • Finance Quarter ABC news 24 google Plus impact on Business August 2012
  • Sydney Morning Herald: Expert Untangles Charlotte’s Web August 2012

  • ABC Radio Adelaide: Google and Privacy (March 2 2012)
  • BRW Twitter and Newswires (March 2012)
  • ABC Radio Adelaide Defense and Facebook (March 1 2012)
  • Sydney Morning Herald Gamification of Enterprise (March 2012)
  • FOLLOWUP: 7:30 Report ABC – Defense and Facebook (March 1, 2012) VIDEO 
  • 7:30 Report, ABC Defense and closed Facebook groupOpens in a new tab. (Feb 29 2012)

on Channel Nine – David and Kim Morning Show (April 08)


Snippet of Laurel’s interview on Microsoft ON10 with Nick Hodge.