From time to time I am asked to give a view on social media, social networks and online communities by Traditional Media. As part of my ongoing commitment to education and awareness raising on privacy, identity and protecting our content, I usually comply unless the journalist is clearly taking an antagonistic and negative view with no balance.  It’s rare, but it does happen.

My showreel includes interviews on TV and Radio:

Contact details are email: laurel (at) or mobile:  0432 684992

Heritage & Online Media quotes, newspaper/magazine articles, TV and radio:

  • Australian Financial Review Shock Jocks and Blogs October 2012
  • FOX MMM Fed Up With Facebook? October 3
  • SMH and The Age Social Media Courses MyCareer September 30th
  • Sunrise (weekend): Facebook Stalkers August 2012
  • Finance Quarter ABC news 24 google Plus impact on Business August 2012
  • Sydney Morning Herald: Expert Untangles Charlotte’s Web August 2012

  • ABC Radio Adelaide: Google and Privacy (March 2 2012)
  • BRW Twitter and Newswires (March 2012)
  • ABC Radio Adelaide Defense and Facebook (March 1 2012)
  • Sydney Morning Herald Gamification of Enterprise (March 2012)
  • FOLLOWUP: 7:30 Report ABC – Defense and Facebook (March 1, 2012) VIDEO 
  • 7:30 Report, ABC Defense and closed Facebook group (Feb 29 2012)

on Channel Nine – David and Kim Morning Show (April 08)


Snippet of Laurel’s interview on Microsoft ON10 with Nick Hodge.


  1. This is a request to read & respond to this story, maybe in the hope that your station will do something to encourage help for this family.. After reading this blog your heart will be moved into action. Your viewers also!
    This may not be the appropriate place for this request but I cannot find any other! Thankyou.

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