Pownce dead

… but what was it for? I never did work it out. Here’s the screenshot of the now dead, read-only site (temporarily until it’s gone for ever, no doubt). I got the email before Christmas, but am only just now getting around to looking at it. Though I did check to make sure they didn’t just wipe everyone’s content off the face of the internet. They didn’t – they seemed to have shut down ethically, user generated content wise, anyway.

but what was it for????
but what was it for????

If you can’t be bothered clicking, I had TWO updates in the entire time I was on Pownce. From beta I think… yep, August 2007.

  • Well, this is as boring as batshit 🙁
  • SilkCharm says: nice Ajax but for what purpose?

Did you guys ever use it? Mourn it? I just don’t think they were explicit enough on Purpose, Values, Tools -> no point getting into the other fundamentals of social networking if you can’t get those three across!!!

It’s always useful to look at the background of a social network that failed to see why – here’s Pownce on Wikipedia. You’ll probably draw your own conclusions. 😛 And if you can figure out why Six Apart would buy Pownce on December 1st and shut it down 2 weeks later… ?

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2 thoughts on “Pownce dead

  1. I’m with you. Registered for the beat and never really understood it. Mind you I’d have 50 others in the same category. Got one the other day. Looked like LinkedIn worked like LinkedIN but spent a lot of time telling me why it was better.

  2. Guess I’m in the minority – I liked Pownce. I think it’s a pity it didn’t arrive before Twitter, since it did so much more. Twitter, tumblog and file transfer all in a neat package with grouped contacts and granular post access control baked in.

    It just never got a big enough user base to stick, possibly because it was (deemed to be) competing with Twitter. I wouldn’t be surprised if Plurk eventually died of starvation for much the same reason.

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