… but what was it for? I never did work it out. Here’s the screenshot of the now dead, read-only site (temporarily until it’s gone for ever, no doubt). I got the email before Christmas, but am only just now getting around to looking at it. Though I did check to make sure they didn’t just wipe everyone’s content off the face of the internet. They didn’t – they seemed to have shut down ethically, user generated content wise, anyway.

but what was it for????

but what was it for????

If you can’t be bothered clicking, I had TWO updates in the entire time I was on Pownce. From beta I think… yep, August 2007.

  • Well, this is as boring as batshit 🙁
  • SilkCharm says: nice Ajax but for what purpose?

Did you guys ever use it? Mourn it? I just don’t think they were explicit enough on Purpose, Values, Tools -> no point getting into the other fundamentals of social networking if you can’t get those three across!!!

It’s always useful to look at the background of a social network that failed to see why – here’s Pownce on Wikipedia. You’ll probably draw your own conclusions. 😛 And if you can figure out why Six Apart would buy Pownce on December 1st and shut it down 2 weeks later… ?