I’ve been writing a bit lately about politics. Not here, not the sort of thing suitable for a blog. I’ve even dug up my old Plato’s Republic and played around with creating a virtual world called n00bopolis. Well, enough silliness… But I do want to call your attention to a USalone.com. Its a ceasefire request where you are given internet tools to “call for an immediate cease-fire in Lebanon”.

INSTANT LOCAL DISTRICT PHONE NUMBER LOOKUP FORM:You can get the direct dial numbers and fax numbers for all your members of Congress right down to the district level by clicking on “Lookup Phones” in the instant lookup form to the right. You can also call on the tollfree numbers 888-355-3588 and 800-828-0498. Just ask for your senator or house member by name and they will put you right through. You can often leave a message even after business hours.

Affiliated members listed are a bunch of senators and congressional candidates. Talk about integrating offline groups with online activity!

Anyone remember Captain Commuter – blogger Rebecca Turner – from a few years ago that got fare-free days for Sydney commuters? Called ShityRail.info Have there been any blogging events lately that have impacted the political sphere? If you know, let me know? Please? Pretty please?

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