Politics and elections: Second Life

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Well call me every kinda fool but do y’think there’s some kind of election going on here? Look at the flags! 28, 143 Coconut Grove, Second Life if you want to visit. For Tom Rooney, elect to the Congress: Tom Rooney for Gun Control? I think not!

I bought that limousine you can see in the top picture. But clearly I can drive in Second Life about as good as I drive in First Life. *fed up* Anywho, any of our pollies wasting tax payers money on a flag-infested, ostentatious location complete with ’em in military uniform and shooting at things? All for the three thousand Australians who play Second Life? No? Thought as much.
Now I have to slip off, change into my alter-ego Nikita Ninja and find my comrades. We gotta pay Coconut Grove a visit. Heh. From Second Life Liberation Army:

The Second Life Liberation Army (SLLA) was formed as the ‘in-world’ military wing of a national liberation movement within Second Life. The movement contends that political rights should be established within Second Life immediately. As Linden Labs is functioning as an authoritarian government the only appropriate response is to fight.

The SLLA will conduct a political and military campaign to ensure its demands are met and avatar rights are established.

The SLLA’s demands are simple:

The establishment of basic political ‘rights’ for avatars within Second Life


The SLLA will not seek to harm the normal operation of the world.

They, as all good little cyber-terrorists do, have a blogspot blog:


I forgot, you have to be a member to see it. Ask Dave LifeKludger. 😛 Viva La Revolution! Viva Le Avatars!

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  1. Hey! Bugger off. 🙂

    You tryin to implicate me as SLLA member?

    I’m a 70’s hippie throwback – make peace not war is my slogan. You’ll find me at the beach making art, not plans for revolution.

    Well, not revolution in SL anyways 🙂


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