1. OMFG, what a piece of crap. That video makes me want to throw up and then throw the Macbook out the window. Is it a joke? The script sounds like it was written by a random American jingoism generator. The theme is the worst kind of Hollywood schmaltzy elevator music. The whole ad screams “We don’t have anything real to say to you so we hope you won’t mind us just waving a flag and saluting for a couple of minutes.”

    In MY dreams, the people stand up and right against this kind of vacuous propaganda and demand honesty, transparency and real answers from our political candidates.

    In MY dreams, the people refuse to get sucked in by demeaning, brainless messages and expect a higher level of integrity.

    In MY dreams, we take the tools given to us by our forebears, the internet and the PC, and we fight to wrest control of the message and of the system, away from the old, rich white guys running things, and we re-invent the future of the human race.

  2. Dunno Cam *looks doubtful* there was a lot of jingoism and bullying in your rant. 😛

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