This one’s doing the rounds of online communities, so you might see it in a few places:

Not quite Yes We Can by Obama but interesting use of YouTube by John McCain

The Daily Dish likes it. Slate calls it the Barney the purple dinosaur ad. One of the commenters at Ross Douthat said it reminded them of 6th grade sex education films. Me? It starts off well – contention and debate is good – then gets subverted into a support for the military actions overseas.

What’s our (Australia) most powerful and charismatic political message by a politician? Will watching and being exposed to overseas campaigns educate us on what is possible and will we start to reject staid and unenlightening speakers? Reminds me of being a studen at Uni. Most lecturers seem to strive to make their lectures as boring as batsh!t. Then along comes some hunky tutor who whips everyone into a fury with passion and knowledge and … or was that just me? Heh.

By the way, it’s intriguing to watch the nature of social spam. Most the videos that are posted “in response” have nothing to do with this video. Then there are one or two that are die-hard Republican party line vids. And a cartoon.