Men do deals at Golf and the Footy. We women network in Bathrooms. I met someone (nameless for now, in case she doesn’t want to be known as random bathroom chatterer) from Department of Education in a long long line at Glen Frost of Frocomms PR conference. Well, the line for the loos, to be exact. While we hovered and jiggled from foot to foot, she asked me to do a podcast about children online for parents.
From ABC.NET – James (above) is very nice and funny and we did the Podcast in my Sunroom (same one in Good Game TV Show).

James O’Loghlin (also host of New Inventors) interviewed me and the podcast is here. From May 2008, so I may completely disagree with myself by now. Heh.

EDIT: @johnlacey and @kerryank have told me that you can right click on this link and download to MP3 player, if you don’t want to be stuck on a webpage, listening to me rabbit on.