1. Would be great to have an Aussie site. I speak speak and train about service every day but many of the great examples are American. Would love to see what’s happening in Oz.

    You last point is the most salient. “the Customer Is Talking”

    Maybe I’ll start one myself.


  2. The obvious targets in Australia would be banks, which you’ve already mentioned. Not for the interest rates (realistically, they’re at the mercy of international markets), but for things like:
    * Information disconnect – different stories from different staff
    * What DOES happen to the money between the time I cash a cheque and I get the funds in my account ?
    * Generally shoddy web access and security
    and so on…

    Another would be computer hardware and software wholsesalers / retailers… Why DO people like Apple generally put on a surcharge 10% – 20% (after the exchange rate) for stuff from overseas ?

  3. I Would have to say Australia Post would be a reliable target.

    For that matter, so would public facing branches of Government.

  4. What a coincidence..I just unofficially launched PABCO (Pepsi Anti Branding Committee) yesterday after they dropped Sachin Tendulkar as their brand ambassador!

  5. The telcos have not a guernsey yet! I think it was US research that said most people would rather deal with a used car salesman than use their telecommunications provider call centre.

    There are a number of obvious targets, so setting up a similar service in Oz would be a good idea.

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