Rackspace UK have developed a formula for determining if you have the perfect website. It’s kinda hokey but here goes:

Pwebsite = { ((14.14* EaseNav) + (13.56*Speed) + (13.11*CleanDes) + (10.89*Func) + (10.89*Up)) – ((12.63*Pops) + (10.32*Ads) +(5.21*MultiM)) } / 6.26

Thank God they explain it:

The Formula explained

Pwebsite = the degree of perfection of the website

EaseNav = ease of navigation

Speed = the speed at which pages load

CleanDes = clean and simple design

Func = functionality -‘ does what it says on the tin’

Up = the site is always alive


Pops = the site tries to give you pop-ups

Ads = excessive advertising

MultiM = Flash and other multimedia

I hate Flash too!

I had coffee with Maxine Sherrin of westciv last week – she thought the perfect Web 2.0 website was clean elegant and simple. A designers point of view? I think the perfect website is messy with lots of user generated content and continually dynamically being updated. A users point of view? We’re both right.

I guess its Google Classic (which I like too)…

….versus Google Personalised.

Which one be you? Oh, and a tip for the design narks out there – consumers don’t always care about functionality and design if the site has content we want. After all, MySpace ain’t a pretty, easy-to-use site! So, cool sites can be a bit cumbersome and less slick – it makes them “edgier”. And if the ‘content’ is user generated, so much the better. There’s a lot of gorgeous, well designed, undervisited digital graveyards out there!