1. Thanks Laurel for this great post.

    We’re so happy that you like the ‘Bio Search’ feature.
    You keep inspiring us!

    We opened our Alpha to improve PeopleBrowsr with the help of all twitter users and we are delighted that we did this.
    The Twitterverse is shaping the application. We call it ‘social developing’ and we are amazed 🙂

    Thanks again for your great support and enthusiasm and for pointing out such a cool feature.

    All the best,

    PS: Looove the new style of your blog.

  2. For people that might be interested in just a simple bio search without all the bells and whistles of Peoplebrowsr, I’ve created http://tweepsearch.com – one key feature is that you can also use TweepSearch to search the bios of just those people following you or people that you follow.

    Pretty useful if you’re looking for that person following you that does x. 🙂

    Damon (@dacort)

    Damon’s last blog post..10 Crazy Favoriting Twitter Users

    1. damon, you are one awesome dude on Twitter – I love your other stuff too 😉 Thanks for this. Cheers @silkcharm

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