Ever wondered how to search the Bio fields for someone in Twitter? How to search Twitter profiles? Peoplebrowsr is the only surefire way I’ve found. I think there are some directories, but first, people have to know about them, and two, register.

Go to Peoplebrowsr and log in using your Peoplebrowsr account, or Twitter account or any other account. Then


  1. Type in World of Warcraft, your bank, social media guru whatever. Hit the OPTIONS button, not the magnifying glass
  2. a subwindow will be created – something like what you see in Tweetgrid and others.
  3. click on the name – in my case @dhollinger – it’s kinda greyed out on my monitor but it might be alright on yours.
  4. Popup window, make sure Profile (top left) is active and you will see where your keyword appeared in their profile.
  5. Be careful. I had “hate Real Estate” for a while, just to see the bots auto-joining me looking for “real estate” in profiles. Heh. Nothing to do with Peoplebrowsr search though.

Did this help? I mean, I’ve always wanted to find people in particular industries or at companies or whatevs, but maybe you don’t use Twitter that way?  By the way Peoplebrowsr does lots of other cool things. You might like to see how it aggregates accounts of friends for example, merging the friend element of some social networks with the stranger element of online communities. Interesting proposition.

Disclaimer: in the far distant past I worked a little with the Peoplebrowsr team. But I happen to genuinely think being able to search Twitter bios is cool, and haven’t found another way of doing it except maybe directories like Twellow.