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  2. What makes them think because it kind of works for the Wall Street Journal it will also work for their other publications?

    Unless they know something we don’t know.

  3. I’ll challenge one of Amber Smith’s Google-age assumptions, “Fast is better than slow”. That ain’t always the case.

    Need an example?


    But even when with News (with a capital “N”), I think a news outlet can choose to be either first or most accurate, but not necessarily both. I suspect they require different workflows and certainly different mindsets. However both could perhaps be clustered under the same brand.

    And in all this discussion, even from Mr Murdoch, we’re still getting confusion between the media content (“news”) and the container (“newspapers”). Because Murdoch and his minions are surrounded by the machinery and language of newspapers, they seem incapable of stepping out of that frame.

    As I’ve said elsewhere, you don’t make a jet airliner by starting with a steamship and converting it. Neither do I think the Google-age news outlets will emerge from the Industrial-age media factories.

    Stilgherrian’s last blog post..Episode 46 is online, Kevin Rudd!

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