1. mr budde’s comments are dated. There are more types of commentators than two, that’s obvious, you just have to press ‘random blog’ button to see the variety, like noticeboards for sporting clubs, holiday snaps, baby albums, cooking and craft groups.

    his affectiveness is that the dated information makes him look like a prophet to those who are more behind than him, namely the corporates who he sells his advice too.

    see you soon lovey..

  2. Ms Cat, it’s my understanding that Mr Budde is excellent in the telco space. While I disagree with one of his tenets – “the telco killer app after voice is…voice” (hello, SMS? Particularly in Asia and Europe?) everything else I’ve read so far is good,

    I also purchased his subscription TV report before the ASTRA conference and went from zero to sounding more knowledgeable than the other attendees – nothing like cramming the night before, is there? 😛

    But while I used to be a telco expert (not any more) and certainly am only a visitor in the TV space, Web 2.0 is the industry that I am working on gaining in depth knowledge.

    Hence my concern that in Australia, the social networking space, we are splitting into two. The old media voices who have the ears of business, and rightly so as they have the runs on the board. And the new media (real new media, not just a title at an Ad agency or a portal) who are quietly getting on and building the new web. Everyone remembers the Techcrunch/dotcom bubble burst, this time all will do what needs to be done with the minimum of hoopla. A couple of devs and a blog that changes the world. No Netscape huge launch shenanigans! 🙂

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