Parking Idiots 2.0

I wrote about a little while ago on here. It’s an online community for people to post photos of drivers who park in disabled parks. And aren’t disabled.

Here’s a similar Singaporean edition, called ParkingIdiots.

Another idiot to learn a lesson. This time a Nissan at NUS. Good place to learn lessons. Check out how close the 2 cars are – the wing mirrors are overlapping! Relatively new car, and an off-peak plate at that – driver must be a newbie – should go back to primary school, instead of uni. What an idiot!

Citizen Parking Inspector? *shudders* Now we rank and review each others parking skills? No wonder I no longer have a car! :p
I found out from a blog by a Singaporean residing in Australia who blogged about becoming a resident/citizen here. Sadly, it was his last post before passing away…

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