Silkcharm pajamas.jpg

SilkCharm Sachertorte reporting from Second Life, in pajamas & fluffy duck slippers.

Lee Hopkins alerted me to this new (to me) term: PajamaHadeen when he was blogging about how he blogs in response to my blog post on how I blog this blog (confuzzled yet?)

Pajamahadeen or Pajamahideen is a portmanteau of pajamas and Mujahideen meaning “bloggers who challenge and fact-check traditional media” (according to The American Dialect Society, which voted it the Most Creative word of 2004.[1]) The word refers to news bloggers, suggesting their goals as overthrowing the news establishment. (“Mujahideen” comes from an Arabic word referring to those who participate in jihad; bloggers are said to work in their pajamas.)

Let us not forget that Michael Arrington, who blogs TechCrunch from his spare room, sells advertising for $12,000 a pop, plus conferences, job boards etc. making around $2.5 million per year. Though others say $10 millon per year. If he wants to blog nekkid he can, for that sort of money. Caveat: I’d pay some bloggers $2.5 million to put clothes on.

Though I guess I could always buy them a t-shirt with “How’s My Blogging” on it, instead of handing over the bucks.