1. I really enjoyed this Laurel – very interesting (although I can’t add anything to the discussion because I’ve rather a bad head hold and my brain is refusing to think…)

  2. Head Colds r tech suck. uhoh *atishoo* now you’ve given it to me. Things can go so ‘viral’ on the ‘net 😛

    If you are feeling really poorly, why not go back to bed, get a copy of every book from the Epic of Gilgamesh onwards, and refuse to get up until you’ve read them all? *sighs contentedly* that’s what I’m gonna do one day! *picks up New Idea and starts to do the Sudoku*

  3. In a world where words create the world, words have power. It’s all we have really.
    The real problem is that people don’t get the value of their words. They don’t honour their words as if they were the most valuable thing they have. They don’t do what they said, when they said, undermining the power of their own words.
    Should there even be copyrights? Everything we say or write comes from things we have heard or read anyway. We all have our own interpretation. I don’t know…

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