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I wrote a while ago about the possibilities of creating an online community – and linked to one in New York – that puts creative types together in a swarm. Earlier this year, Tom Anderson (yep, that Tom) of MySpace and Chris DeWolfe had this to say about cast and crew jammin’ online :p.

You’ve now launched MySpace Records, which you are using to promote bands who are popular on the site but haven’t signed with a major record label. Do you have more products coming through the pipeline?
: We’re always looking for the right opportunities. We are going to be doing some events in Sundance, in conjunction with our independent filmmaker section on MySpace. We’ll be doing more festivals, at least one major one over the summer.
You’ve certainly won the allegiance of some great bands and music fans in the U.S. Do you think that MySpace can be as successful at attracting the independent film community?
: Another part of my background was that I was in film school. It made a lot of sense to me that the music part of our site would work for filmmakers as well. They’ll be able to upload clips. There will be a section where you can watch what they are doing. They’ll tell where their screenings are. It took a lot longer than we wanted to because we were growing so fast. For actors, directors and everyone associated with film and television, this will become as big of a resource for them as it has been for musicians.

I’ve been planning a full size paper on documentaries created by users – viewers recording how they see the world, not just thanks to Discovery Channel – but have been sidetracked. Again. As user generated content more easily sent and received, the traditional media will be the deliverers not the creators surely? At the end of the day, we are all people creating stuff, whether we do it for a living or not. Is Jehane Noujaim (StartUp.com and Control Room) a user generating content or traditional media director/writer/etc? She filmed her flatmates internet business for StartUp.com. The lines have been blurring for a while now.

I’m interested in what +61 Films are going to do – they are behind Channel Ten Australia’s WhatIsFree.tv snowboarding show. *shrugs* maybe nuffin (disappointing website), but their snow doco had an appeal which is unusual in mainstream media. As podcasting takes off further, will we see cutting edge Xtreme sports stuff with a few sponsor messages downloadable and will one of the cleverer marketing companies make the most of it? Will they offer the tools for the users (youth mainly) to create their own snowboarding pods/fotos/stuff and offer online services to this community? I did hear of a skateboarding community starting up last year but can’t remember the name. Anyone out there know? I’ll add more to this later.

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