Every social network has it’s way of saying, showing, and responding to regular patterns of behaviour. 

This is one of the little stories I tell in class. I can’t remember where I first heard/read it, but whether it’s true or not, I think it highlights something (not sure what :P) 

Father to Son: Why did you email your Grandmother when GrandUncle died? How rude! 

Son to Father: Because I didn’t think she would like an SMS Message I took time to write out an email! 

Father to Son: Well, you should have rung her on the telephone


Grandmother to her son (the Father): Why did you ring me on the phone? In my day, we wrote hand wrote a condolence letter on appropriate paper… 

On Twitter? @SilkCharm Soz 4 yr loss.



Each social network (including generation ones) has it’s own rituals. on Twitter, don’t fill the screen up with 

@SilkCharm Thanks!

@SilkCharm Thanks for following

@SilkCharm nope.

It’s just not that interesting, and out of context for your readers. 

.. but do make sure you 

blah blah blah ht @SilkCharm (hat tip or acknowledge) 

rt @SilkCharm (copy and paste as a hat tip) blah blah blah

See?  Why companies don’t take 5 minutes to figure this stuff out, before they jump in with both boots on, I dunno. Find marketing folk with sociology, anthropology or digital ethnography backgrounds, maybe?