1. Laurel,

    I have a wordpress.com blog which prevents me from embedding the Amazon carousel widget. I was kinda keen to see how being an Amazon affiliate might work at my blog but it seems technically impossible. Do you know anyone with a .com site that has managed this successfully?


    1. Unfortunately wordpress.com (they host it) dont allow scripts for security reasons. Also they ban affiliate stuff on blogs unless its your own book (Amazon) or Etsy store.
      Wordpress.org (you host it) doesnt have those restrictions, hence my blog is self hosted. Hope this helps (a little).

      1. Thanks Laurel, it is as I expected. I think I need to take the plunge and sort out a WordPress.Org site as increasingly the restrictions for at .com are frustrating me.

        Any links or advice welcomed. There’s lots of unknowns for me, especially about keeping my current content :O)


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