1. Mmmm I would say that a campaign like this has no chance of success… auctions work on scarity and when there are a few people bidding for a house the price stays low… BUT a desirable house only needs 2 bidders and the price will soar.

    And when just 2 people want something there is no stappoing them – no social campaign nothing…

    1. Is it possible that those who were thinking of buying will simply keep their deposit in the bank for a while – enough ppl do that, and the strike will work…?
      BTW your argument is always used against strikes 😛

  2. Tony Martin and Mick Molloy (Martin Molloy) had an amusing habit of attributing all unattributed quotes and survey results to The Ponds Institute. I think it’s a form of whimsy we should all embrace, especially on Twitter where quotes are frequently plucked from nowhere, unattributed, and (one supposes) completely made up.

  3. I bought a property last year and what a fabulous learning curve that was! Estate agents constantly offered me properties above my stated budget (“you really must see this one …”).
    My Credit Union strongly advised against buying at auction so I didn’t (the buyer has no bargaining power).
    That meant that I had to let one or two properties go but after months of looking I actually revised down my budget and ended up very happily with a much smaller mortgage than intended. My Credit Union advisor was a very steadying influence against the hype of the agents.

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