I wish I could afford to jaunt off to Mountain View CA for a few days. šŸ™

The Online Community Unconference is a gathering of online community practitioners – managers, developers, business people, tool providers, investors – to discuss experience and strategies in the development and growth of online communities.

Those involved in online community development (and social software in general) share many common challenges: community management, tools, marketing, business models, legal issues. As we have found with our past events, the best source of information on all of these challenges is other knowledgeable practitioners.

The Online Community Unconference is inspired by the emerging “open space” conference format. (For an excellent description, see this News.com article on a past MashUp Camp.) There will also be plenty of time for networking.

The Computer History Museum in Mountain View is a unique venue with plenty of parking and WiFi. Lunch and snacks will be provided, and the Museum exhibits will be open to the group during the breaks.

Price: $195 ($175 before May 12). Space is limited. Fee is fully refundable prior to May 24, not refundable after (but admission is transferable).

Please also see our FAQ for questions about the event.

Interesting – more and more events are being hosted at Eventful.com, MeetUp.com, Upcoming.org and EventBrite.com. Citizen Event Management and Conference? Isn’t that what an unConference is, anyway? If you are going, I want to hear all about it! And send them love from Sydney, Australia *cries*.