Thanks to TED TALKS for telling me about this:

Of course that’s on YouTube:

Here’s an inspiring way to start the week.

Take a look at these films. They are each just one minute long. They feature a choir in one country singing another country’s national anthem: a simple idea that packs surprising emotional power.

France sings for USA

Kenya sings for India

Japan sings for Turkey

They were shot by film directors looking to support the landmark TED project Pangea Day (which I hope you have calendared for Saturday, May 10).

The event is looking amazing, and I will be writing with some breaking news later in the week. Meanwhile, check out the trailer. And do feel free to forward this note.

Chris Anderson, TED Curator

P.S. There are more of these anthems on the way.

Shame YouTube is banned in schools and government. Here’s Japan singing the Turkish Anthem:

I find it fascinating 🙂 Don’t forget, Pangea Day, May 10th