1. Tapping into the community that already exsists online is a better strategy then trying to start a new meme.

  2. once again thanks for finding this gem! I cannot believe of all brands Kodak did this! Being a brand that is so slow to react!

  3. @julian don’t be such a grump. We can’t ALL live in the future. 😛 *pinches Julian. I’ve added a video to the post for you to see. I think you’ll like it. 🙂

  4. Thanks Jenny! Are they integrated in anyway? I looked at the main 1000 words page and some subpages but the only ‘submissions’ I saw were for comments.

    So for example, your Flickr page is Kodak content, no links to User Generated Content using Kodak cameras. Ditto YouTube channel.

    In heritage media terms, this is using social media portals as corporate broadcast mediums, not social media ones. See what I mean?

    Plus on Flickr they have ALL RIGHTS RESERVED instead of using Creative Commons (must attribute, non commercial etc). this means, I can’t legally blog your photos, which limits the amount of social media marketing I can do for you as a blogger.

    The Facebook FANPAGE is a better use of community, but it’s not integrated into the 1000 words site is it?

    Anyway, I still think you are doing great work, and have a nice style. 🙂

  5. Well, we do have a bunch of groups in Flickr where other people can add their photos… like Vintage Kodak Cameras (very popular), Kodak NASCAR pictures, etc.


    and we favorite a lot of Kodak related videos on our YouTube.


    I want to get more user generated content on Facebook and will be looking into that when we get back from Beijing.

    Also check out our Kodak Picture of the Day which is usually user generated (just not during the Olympics)

    and our Gallery of Kodak Moments from users

  6. Brilliant! You are a star! Exactly what I was looking for. I’ll update the blog post in a little while with the social media links. Thanks!

  7. “Comments are not content, they are discussion.”


    So, the discussion we are having about Kodak here isn’t content of your blog? I generated it. I’m not the blogger here which makes me the user. Don’t you consider users comments and discussion as content contributing to your site?


  8. Nope, comments are not Content, nor are links, nor are testimonials (status updates). Content is photos, videos, sound (podcast) or articles, or a mashup of those. Don’t confuse Content with Distribution (facebook ‘posted items’ or twitter tinyurls) or with Discussion (Twitter @someone or comments on a blog). The whole internet, contrary to popular belief is NOT content. It’s content, discussions and communication.

    Otherwise picking a flower in a park or sniffing a bbq is ‘content’ and we don’t get anywhere by dumping everything that goes on in the world under the one category ‘content’. Think of media in terms of content, distribution and discussion and you’ll start to see very different emergent behaviours. 🙂

    for non-media sites, think of it this way – is ebay a content site or a peer to peer commerce site? Is zopa or prosper a content site or a peer to peer banking site? See? Yet both have comments. Be discerning in the use of the word content, and other aspects start to reveal themselves…

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