1. Hi Laurel

    Couldn’t agree more.

    Here is an old (and long [8mins]) 1960’s UNIVAC computer promotional clip – you’ll laugh but it’s funny how much everything stays the same.

    You’ll see that there is a consistent message through all of this – from a technology marketing perspective nothing much has changed over the last fifty years
    – computers are always getting faster, smaller, cheaper;
    – the zealots get fixated on features and technology;
    – BUT at the end of the day the central driver is about communications and the impact on people and society


    The only real difference is that today we want the whole message, knowledge and experience delivered and consumed in 15 secs!

    Scott Maxworthy’s last blog post..The Future is Digital

  2. EEK! I am old enough to remember the MSN; I too applied for a moderator role for SMEs in the UK (I was there reading for my psych degree at the time). Didn’t get it either. But did like the MSN interface — it was nice and clean and lots of white space.

    Darling, are we really THAT old????

    Lee Hopkins’s last blog post..Sort-of ‘Keynote’ for Windows

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