Odd Job? Wild Rock Guy NZ

New Zealand Winery Wild Rock Guy looking for a social media marketing Voice/Face. Think Gary Vaynerchuk…

Not sure what to make of this:

WANTED: the Wild Rock Guy

If Craggy Range is the sophisticated sibling, then Wild Rock is the rambunctious younger brother rarely seen indoors and often at one with mother nature. Sitting on a dune drinking a glass of Pania Chardonnay and eating Fish & Chips waiting for the swell to come up? Just off the track relaxing in front of the fire with a gutsy Gravel Pit Red? Stop! Heading back to your office job on Monday and tired of the thought? Get out of the Corporate and into the Wild. Live your dream – with Wild Rock!

Wild Rock Wines have a story to tell and we need you to tell it! As “the Wild Rock Guy”, you will be the face of the brand across all markets. You’ll enjoy extensive international travel where you’ll walk the talk with media, clients and other key influencers. Not only will you be a high energy extrovert with the gift of the gab, your sharp brain will develop consistent marketing and PR plans, social media strategies and website communications. An all encompassing Senior Management position with significant growth predicted, you’ll take responsibility for shaping the Wild Rock business and its future. From sales forecasts and strategic plans through to hands on execution (translation: no PA, type your own letters, wax your own board)! There is no precious hierarchy here, just a gang of passionate Wild Rockers, and you’ll be leading them.

The words “Unforgettable” and “Wild Rock Guy” go hand in hand. An engaging personality with a business brain to boot, you’re a proven business manager having worked successfully at the high level of Sales, Brand Management and PR. Disciplined, motivated and driven, you know what it takes to lead a business to success. We’re expecting you’ve done it before and can prove it. Credibility in the wine market is essential. You are a wine Guru (in your own mind anyway), with a honed palate and experience that shows you understand the pace and quirks of the challenging wine industry. You’ll live and breathe the Wild Rock Brand and its values – Quintessential New Zealand, Kiwi Rock Music, Rocking Aid Charities, Stunning Wine & Food. Come home to the sanctuary beneath Te Mata Peak as the “Wild Rock Guy”.

Disclaimer: No one was hurt in the writing of this “Wild Rock Guy” ad, besides potentially some Wild Women. If you have the credentials to live on the edge as the “Wild Rock Gal” then step right up, we’d love to hear from you!

This once in a lifetime Hawke’s Bay based opportunity should stop you in your tracks! Please check out www.wildrockwines.co.nz then email your CV to careers@redconsultinggroup.co.nz quoting reference number 1755 or phone the team at Red, in complete confidence to learn more. Telephone 06 877 6637.   (Grabbed from Seek.com.au)

It didn’t even occur to me that women were sidelined until I got to the second to last paragraph. I have a bit of history of being involved in successful (award winning) restaurants and we bought most of our wine from women who wandered in with a case or two. One of the hardest parts of the job was saying “oh ok, just a little more”. heh.


I’m guessing they are looking for a Gary Vaynerchuk type character. Well known wine blogger that just signed a multi-hundreds of thousands dollar (?) book deal. Something like that. Follow him on Twitter if you like wine.

If you apply for this job, let me know? If you get the job (and found out about it from me) I reckon you owe me a bottle of the stuff. I too can be a Wild Rock Gal. Especially after a bottle or three…

Feel free to tell them to get rid of that annoying and unnecessary pop up at the beginning – high school students study wine making (I should know, I went to Willunga High School) so forcing people to say they are over 18 is silly.

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