He should stick to politics – how quickly they forget! It wasn’t traditional media in the US that put Barack Obama in office, if I’m not mistaken:

Mr. Obama said he noted the trend. “I am concerned that if the direction of the news is all blogosphere, all opinions, with no serious fact-checking, no serious attempts to put stories in context, that what you will end up getting is people shouting at each other across the void but not a lot of mutual understanding,” the President said.”What I hope is that people start understanding if you’re getting your newspaper over the Internet, that’s not free and there’s got to be a way to find a business model that supports that.”

Pfft. Maybe it has to do with the fact that bloggers are starting to take on the role that journalists also do, which is undercover investigations – and it didn’t go well for Obama: barack Obama

Presidential candidate Barack Obama’s campaign has been in full damage control mode since the senator’s blunt remarks about the nature of small town Pennsylvania voters were secretly recorded by a Huffington Post blogger at a recent San Francisco fundraiser that was supposed to be off limits to the press. Read more

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