Steven Noble on Twitter sent me to United Nations Foundation linked to which then linked to this paper by Vodafone Group Foundation and United Nations Foundation (well, you guys always wanna know where I find my stuff) and a paper called Wireless Technology for Social Change: Trends in Mobile Use by NGOs: (pdf here)

1. Delivering Patient HIV/AIDS Care (South Africa)
2. Connecting Health Clinics and Remote Health Workers (Uganda)
3. Lowering the Barriers for Access to Public Health Data (Kenya, Zambia)
4. Connecting Youth to Sexual Health Information (United States)
5. Delivering Food Aid to Iraqi Refugees (Syria)
6. Facilitating Communication in Emergency Situations (Peru, Indonesia)
7. Text Messaging as a Violence-Prevention Tool (Kenya)
8. Text Messaging to Save Trees (Argentina)
9. A Survey of Text Message ‘Infolines’ (South Africa, United Kingdom)
10. Environmental Monitoring with Mobile Phones (Ghana)
11. Protecting Wildlife and Human Wellbeing (Kenya)
Recommended Reading

Mobilizing Social Change. Besides Mark Pesce, how many of us really understand the impact that skipping the PC and going directly to cellphone will have on developing countries (and err U.K and USA – see above)?