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What are NFTs and how Blockchain Smart Contracts work #Metaverse

Plain speaking – what are NFTs and Blockchain in the Metaverse? Virtual World Collectibles and Provenance.

Plain English – well, Plain Australian! – chat about NFTs and Blockchain work in virtual worlds.

What are NFTs

Intro to NFTs: In this lecture I compare #Blockchain to Assessors of Art or Land Assessor, NFT (non fungible Token) to Provenance (art) or Certificate of Title (Land) and also talk about how we create scarcity and timegates out of 1’s and 0’s. If we can duplicate digital items ad infinitum why do we need a rare piece of art? The audience for this video are CEOs and Executives, PR and Marketing – not necessarily technical developers.

NEXT LECTURE: Future video includes Monetizing the Metaverse Revenue Streams in XR. #metaversementor #dubai #singapore #australia

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