For Not For Profits: please choose the NFP examples in the workbooks.

All courses are:

  • Video lectures and demonstrations  – play along online
  • many have workbooks and cheat sheets and downloadable material
  • money back guarantee 30 days.
  • a Q&A forum for you to post  your Facebook Page etc and get feedback.

In-depth courses for Organisations

  1. 5 Steps of a Social Media Campaign; Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Monitoring and Measurement.
  2. 9 Step Social Media Strategy for Organisations Marketing and PR
  3. Social Media Toolbox: Schedule, Autofollow and Automation
  4. Blogging for Organisations: Wordpress Business Blogging & Social Media Press Room
  5. Social Media Audit and Benchmark Facebook, Twitter and more.

Also Short Mini Courses 

  1. Social Media Manager 1: Monitoring Dashboards Foundation
  2. Social Media Manager 2: Website & WordPress Blog
  3. Social Media Manager 3: Twitter Foundation
  4. Social Media Manager 4: Facebook Foundation
  5. Social Media Manager 5: Measurement Analytics

They are available until: Further Notice

nonprofit social media course bundle

Bundle: FIVE social media courses PLUS the Social Media Strategy for NonProfits curriculum. Social Media for Not-for-Profits Bundle All six courses for $250 ($600+ if you bought them individually) or buy one at a time starting at $15…


Organisation InDepth Courses 

5 Steps of a Social Media Campaign; Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Monitoring and Measurement.

STEP BY STEP: Facebook, Twitter & Blog/Website Also Monitoring, Engagement & Measurement of a Social Media Campaign

This is a Corporate course for Business, Government and Not for Profits: Perhaps you’ve got a Facebook Page and a Twitter account and want to build more Likes/Followers or get more Engagement? Or your social media is going great guns but your website sits there unloved and not integrated? You aren’t sure what to post on Facebook and Twitter and when – plus measuring seems pretty difficult, with either too much analytics (Facebook Insights) or not enough (Twitter, Instagram etc)? You’d like to know more about monitoring panels and 3rd party tools but where to start? Building a blog and writing on it seems time consuming and tricky? This course takes you through step by step

  • setting up monitoring panels (check the community groups),
  • building a brand voice and content strategy (what to say),
  • create discussion lists and hashtags and engagement strategies for Facebook Optimization (FBO) and Twitter Timelines.
  • You will create a blog or business social media newsroom, change the theme, header, write articles and include videos on it.
  • Then integrate the whole lot (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog) into a Call To Action campaign complete with measuring tools.

This is a great little course to get started on social media in a meaningful way or as a way to upskill from a basic Facebook Page or Twitter that needs more subscribers, engagement and reach.


9 Step Social Media Strategy for Organisations

—9 Steps to Writing & Implementing a SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY incl Facebook & Twitter for Marketing Public Relations & Comms

This is a Corporate course for Business, Government and Not for Profits: Many Marketing and Public Relations professionals want more structure than simply competitions and promotions on Facebook & Twitter and broadcasting content on LinkedIn – this course will enable you to create a great social media strategy for your own business and your clients that includes: (Don’t forget to click HD on the videos!)

  • why you are on social media & why customers would want to connect with you
  • what platforms you (and your clients) should use,
  • how to find and engage with key influencers and bloggers,
  • creating campaigns from monitoring platforms to measurement
  • a conversation diary and content calendar including an downloadable doc.
  • developing a voice in social & what to say,
  • as well as finding and connecting with target markets (Customer Avatars) across social platforms
  • and integrating websites and microsites with social.

INCLUDES: A choice of 4 project briefs for you to practice your strategy development on, Homework for each section with a discussion area to ask questions and receive answers.

NOTE one-on-one session with me when you complete the course and your strategy to have it reviewed and key points assessed. Download the strategy guideline document and the strategy template to fill in. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Access – use the Udemy iphone or Android app and download the lectures to complete the course offline e.g. on a plane.

This course was part of the PRIA (Public Relations Institute of Australia) series of workshops.

Each lecture takes you through a step of the framework with theory, a case study and homework based around a pitch document (brief). This course is invaluable for a public relations or communications professional looking to develop and implement strategies rather than just “run a Facebook Page”, those re-entering the workforce or repositioning to take on more social media responsibilities as part of their usual role. Small businesses will find the overall strategy useful to framework their current Facebook and Twitter activities.


Social Media Toolbox: Schedule, Autofollow and Automation

–Save time with social media tools to Automate & Schedule content, Followers, time Facebook Twitter Google Plus LinkedIn

This is a Corporate course for Business, Government and Not for Profits: Save Time: Learn about autoposting and autoscheduling, natively within Facebook & Twitter as well investigate which social media dashboards are best for automation – Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Buffer. Play with automation software combined with social media dashboards to autofollow and unfollow on Twitter. Work around challenges of automating Google Plus. Includes an advanced spreadsheet conversation calendar lecture. Create bitmarks & extensions for RSS, Do Share and Recipes for If This Then That. Recommended for experienced social media practitioners within organisations, Corporate Government, Not for Profits and small business.

This course uses many free (e.g. IFTT) freemium (Hootsuite) and low monthly fee tools (meetedgar). We do NOT look at the $40,000 a month tools (use your account manager to give you free training if you are paying that much!). Please do not buy ALL the tools mentioned here – investigate a few and use a mix of free to $25 a month, ones.

Facebook recently (May 2015) changed the API (the way tools talk to Facebook) and removed access to posting to groups you are NOT an admin of. I am investigating other solutions, but at the moment NO tool has access to automate posting to a group where you are a member, not an Admin.

Thank you John! “Just working through your social media automation Udemy course. Been meaning to complete it for ages! Nothing else like it.” (John from Twitter)


Blogging for Organisations: Wordpress Business Blogging & Social Media Press Room

—Learn WordPress w AdAge Power150 Media blogger& create a free social media website & blog w Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

This is a BUSINESS course for Business, Government and Not for Profits: WordPress can be used for a variety of purposes including hobby blogging and opinion sites. But in THIS course you’ll learn how to turn the free WordPress hosted software into a social media press room for Public Relations, Marketing and general Business students interested in Facebook and Twitter and blogs. If you want to integrate Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and all that good stuff into your website instead of having it sit aside from your channels, this is the course for you. If you are a corporate writer, public relations press release manager, or a small business wanting to create a free website that catches the eye of journalists, and customers on social media, this course will teach you how to create the site, add your own domain name, write articles and publish blog posts, turn your blog articles into an enewsletter and fully integrate social sharing, Facebook and Twitter into your hub/website. If you already have a website or even a WordPress blog, this course will help you see if it’s been set up right to get the most readers, and customers interest.

  1. Learn what makes a social media press release “social”.
  2. See examples of a social media press room by some of the world’s biggest companies and organisations
  3. Practice writing for social media distribution by customers and journalists
  4. Build social media into your everyday website so that the website and Facebook/Twitter work together, not separately
  5. Gain experience blogging for business and learn what makes a successful (and read!) business blog
  6. Brush up on your Public Relations, Marketing, Content and Business skills by creating a website from scratch (no techie bits!) and presenting it to the world
  7. If you complete this course you will have a live, business website with relevant information for both customers to make purchasing decisions and journalists to review and contact you.

What are the Main Features of a Social Media Press Release?

  • A controllable hub (Facebook, Twitter etc are under the control of those companies).
  • Written in the most suitable brand voice (educational, serious, fun, corporate or entertainment)
  • Strong visual branding (colours and logos, and header images)
  • About statements on corporate social responsibility, company history, stories.
  • Contacts such as address of press launch, and maps, email addresses, phone numbers
  • Lots of rich content “social objects” ripe for dissemination on Facebook and Twitter
  • Usable and easy admin and structure – ability to email in a press release and have it go live!
  • Call to action widgets (sign up for email newsletters, download industry PDF, fill in survey)
  • Posts containing: Coupons, offers, competitions, company statements, message from CEO, industry vision.
  • Social sharing also increases SEO and SMO (search and social media optimisation).

Your own personal blogging mentor! 3 hours of videos, a workbook, quizzes, and a question and answer forum where you can ask me any question about WordPress. I’ll even make a video to respond to your question and walk you through it! Provided it hasn’t been covered already etc.

I’ve been blogging for over 10 years (and before then, a “citizen journalist”) and have won accolades such as Forbes Magazine “Top 50 Social Media Influencer” and AdAge magazine “Power 150 Media and Marketing Blogger”. I have taught this course at University of Sydney and to Corporate and Government in Australia and Asia for 10 years. And I reach 6.8 million people a month through social media.


Social Media Audit and Benchmark Facebook, Twitter and more.

—Assess: Social Media AUDIT & BENCHMARK of Facebook Pages & your Groups, Twitter, Instagram

This is a Corporate course for Business, Government and Not for Profits also For my Uni Students (business), 3 Day Intensive students and really any social media consultant (advanced) who wants to do a quick benchmark of multiple social media platforms analytics and measurements in preparation for pitching to a potential client, speaking to a new client or reviewing standard practices in Social Media before developing a full analytics and measurement report. While this course is not a social media measurement and analytics course it does introduce tools such as Facebook Insights, analytics for Instagram and LinkedIn groups and Facebook groups as well as Twitter’s new Analytics tool.

My clients often ask me to undertake an audit of their social media accounts so we can benchmark their channels, set some KPIs and develop a social media strategy. This course will allow YOU to do that Social Media Audit, with step by step video tutorials, a downloadable Social Media Audit template and indepth information on what tools to use for not only Facebook Page Insights but also Facebook Group analytics, LinkedIn Group analytics, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

  • Facebook Pages Insights
  • Facebook Groups analytics
  • LinkedIn Profile measurement
  • LinkedIn Group analytics
  • Twitter measurement (tweets and followers analytics)
  • Instagram insights and analytics

At the end of this course you’ll be able to undertake an audit and develop a document in readiness for strategies and further work. If you have any questions, please ask in the Discussion area – I love questions! 🙂

LIVE CLASSES:2016 FYI Uni, Organisations & 3 Day Intensive students: this is the audit to bring to class.


Short Courses (Special $9)

MODULE: Social Media Manager 1: Monitoring Dashboards Foundation

—Quickly learn to setup a monitoring tool for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, traditional media and social media platform

In this course you go through step by step setting up a social media monitoring dashboard. These dashboards can be used for:

  1. Create a Social Media Monitoring Panel to Bring Searches, Newspapers, Blogs, Facebook and Twitter into One Panel
  2. Understanding your community and what they are interested in
  3. Found Media: find and share interesting content so you don’t have to create articles and videos from scratch every day!
  4. Identify Crisis Communications issues in social media and monitor for trolls on Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

What you will learn:

  • Social Media Monitoring of Traditional News Media Websites
  • Monitor the top 100 bloggers for your industry
  • Monitoring Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media Platform News
  • Monitoring Government News Impacting Your Community Promotions
  • Add Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Apps to the Dashboard
  • Advanced: Add RSS Button to Chrome for Social Media Monitoring
  • Advanced: Add RSS Button to Safari for Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Manager 1: Monitoring Dashboards is the first step to professional social media management. While I use a particular dashboard, to setup and show examples and theory, you can transfer that knowledge to any social media monitoring dashboard your company or client uses. I am VERY happy to add additional videos. JUST ASK!!


MODULE: Social Media Manager 2: Website & WordPress Blog

—Quickly setup a WordPress website with a blog with integrated social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram.

Want to quickly setup a blog and social media website ready to work with your social media?Websites shouldn’t sit separate from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. They should be integrated and work well together. This course takes you through step by step

  • Creating a Brand Voice through Blogs and Other Content Social Platforms
  • Create A Social Media Website With All the Facebook And Twitter And YouTube Integrations, A Blog and A Business News/Press Room
  • Automate from your blog to Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Make sharing part of your social distribution strategy
  • Write articles, blog posts and publish immediately!

SHORT COURSE: This is a mini-course that is part of a much larger Social Media Campaign course – you will find some videos duplicated from the Campaign course on my corporate account. There are also some videos duplicate from the much larger comprehensive corporate social media press room course. However, some students just want a quick and easy course on blogging – that is the purpose of this course. So if you are just looking for blogging and integrating social media into your website as part of social media campaigns, this is the course for you!


MODULE: Social Media Manager 3: Twitter Foundation

—Get started on Twitter with hashtags and analytics for your business.

Do you need a more in-depth understanding of Twitter? How to use the RIGHT hashtags and how to identify what is working and what is not? Are you tracking your potential customers and stakeholders and do you use the analytics to make the best of your social media time online?

  • In this course you will go in-depth into:
  • The Basics of Twitter and getting started
  • Finding and connecting
  • Using lists
  • Finding the right hashtag

Jan/Feb 2016 adding Twitter advertising and more on analytics for Twitter. 


MODULE: Social Media Manager 4: Facebook Foundation

—Develop your Facebook page for more Likes and Engagement. Understand Analytics and Advertising for more sales and clicks

This course is for those that want more likes and engagement on their Facebook Page, who feel there is more to discover or who want to set up their Facebook properly as the first 30 days are crucial. Also those who want to use analytics to increase engagement (comments and shares) of their status updates. Do you need to understand Facebook Optimisation (FBO) such as Last Actor 50 and how to leverage it? We also cover Facebook Advertising and 3rd party platforms, adding Instagram and YouTube to your Facebook Page and so on.

  • Create your Facebook Page (tips of what to avoid)
  • Understand and leverage Facebook Optimisation (get in the Newsfeed!)
  • Get more Likes and Engagement (shares and comments)
  • Use Facebook Analytics and write a report.
  • Create Facebook Ads and Understand the marketing intelligence

TIME POOR? You don’t need to do this course if you are happy flitting around the ‘net, watching random videos, and reading blogs etc. But short on time? Then that’s what this course is about.

MENTORING If you think you could be doing better with your Facebook Page, have any questions, need some help, come right on in. The Q&A forum has some good questions from students in it – please add your’s – and I’m adding videos based on their priorities (adding Instagram for Business seems to be popular!). Please join in and don’t forget to post your link to your Facebook Page in the Discussion area for feedback.


MODULE: Social Media Manager 5: Measurement Analytics

Quickly setup KPIs, and social media measurement tools with Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, ROI, and etc

Who Benefits from this Course? Quick and Easy Social Media Analytics and Measurement. Are you a Facebook Admin looking to write social media measurement reports? Or a marketing professional needing analytics to evaluate Twitter and Instagram return on investment of marketing time and dollars? Perhaps you run a small business and just know there must be more to Facebook and Twitter and would like to see behind the curtain? This course is for the professional social media manager, a marketing or PR person or a small business evaluating their social media presence on Facebook, Twitter etc.

What does the Social Media Measurement and Analytics Course Cover?

  • What should you measure? How do you set KPIs (Key performance indicators or goals)
  • Facebook Insights are all very well but what about Twitter? And the other platforms?
  • Gain an understanding Return on Investment and Cost of Acquisition of the Customer.
  • Native tools like Facebook Insights vs 3rd Party measurement?
  • Learn about setting KPIs (Key Performance Indicators),
  • Which social media measurement tools to use,
  • What analytics is available for free on Twitter and Facebook,
  • Cool tools (free and paid for) are covered,

Format of the course: Almost everything is in a video lecture format (I’ll walk you through evaluating, setting up and measuring social media on various platforms like Facebook and Twitter) but there are also downloadable workbooks for those that prefer to read and follow along that way.

SHORT COURSE: This is a mini-course that is part of a much larger Social Media Campaign course – you will find some videos duplicated from the Campaign course on my corporate account. Some students just want a quick and easy course on one aspect of campaigns – that is the purpose of this course. So if you are just looking for measurement and analytics tools and strategies as part of social media campaigns, this is the course for you!


Please advise if you need videos or images for the course curriculum.