Just a quick one, I liked this idea when I saw it. The most visited blogs often revolve around sharing tips on saving money. They don’t make the top lists because they are not run by media types – heh – but there are a bunch of top bloggers out there that pull in some serious traffic on soliciting and sharing user generated tips on all sorts of things.  Social Network’s are funny that way.  The Sun Journal has a new way of giving you Sunday coupons:

Every day until June 30, the Sun Journal is featuring a front-page box containing a penny-pinching tip that editors expect will add up to at least $1,000 in potential savings for each reader by the time the series concludes.

One of the more offbeat ideas was for people who dye their own hair to share with a mother, sister or friend who uses the same color to dye because one box will do two heads. That translates to a savings of $4.50 per month.


The money-saving tips, which appear daily under a logo featuring the top half of a $100 bill and the series title, are offered by the newspaper’s staff, local businesses and readers who are invited to e-mail their suggestions.

If you already saw my tweet on Twitter, soz.


Which of our  Australian newspapers has a “tips from readers, for readers” column? Is that translated into a blog or community online? Just wonderin’.

And do you have any money saving tips for me? 😛

SavageChicken Cartoon, FTW!