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2006 New Years Resolutions
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Dave Sifry on December 28, 2005. Tags:
It’s that time of the year again! Time to get your new years resolutions up on your blog.
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So while everyone was making boring, serious faces and announcing plans to get fit, eat well, give up smoking, I, as usual, declaimed “au contraire”. I’m gonna take up some bad habits and collect various vices. You see, my resolution is to discover what hedonism means to me. I doubt that for me it will prove to be meaningless sexual encounters (sorry fellas!) or a descent into a drug haze or alcoholism. I did recognise over Christmas that I unwound by reading texts and tomes to do with work, my physical activity was pushing myself at the gym, and that I couldn’t be bothered connecting with anyone over New Years. Oh and I have zero sense of humour at the moment. So its time to dust off my appetite for fun, live large and get a life.

…hmmm no clue how to do that. How would you live a hedonistic lifestyle? What were your resolutions? I did buy a ticket to see An Inspector Calls on Friday 13th – you can get a ticket from Ticketek’s pretty poor website – but I guess for most people that sort of activity comes under “light entertainment” rather than “sheer hedonism”. 🙁

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